How to Preserve Grapes



To Keep Grapes.- 1. They must not be too ripe. Take off any imperfect grapes from the bunches. On the bottom of a keg put a layer of bran that has been well dried in an oven, or in the sun. On the bran put a layer of grapes, with bran between the bunches, so that they may not be in contact. Proceed in the same way with alternate layers of grapes and bran, till the keg is full ; then close the keg so that no air can enter.

— 2. In a box first lay a paper, then a layer of grapes selecting the best bunches and removing all imperfect grapes, then another paper, then more grapes, and so until, the box is full; then cover all with several folds of paper or cloth. Nail on the lid, and set in a cool room where it will not freeze. I: use small boxes, so as not to disturb more than I want to use in a; week or so. Give each bunch plenty of room so they will not crowd, and don’t use newspapers. Some seal the stems with sealing wax and wrap each bunch by itself, but I get along without that trouble. The grapes should be looked to several times during the winter. Should any mould or decay, they should be removed and the good ones again repacked. By this means I have had, with my pitcher of cider and basket of apples, my plate of grapes daily, besides distributing some among my friends and the sick of the neighborhood.

— 3. (Chinese Method.) It consist in cutting a circular piece out of a ripe pumpkin or gourd, making an aperture large enough to admit the hand. The interior is then completely cleaned out, the ripe grapes are placed inside, and the cover replaced and pressed in firmly. The pumpkins are then kept in a cool place—and the grapes will be found to retain their freshness for a very long time. We are told that a very careful selection must be made of the pumpkin, the common field pumpkin, however, being well adapted for the purpose in question.

(F. Reed, circa 1875)

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